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Welcome everyone to my Wellness Blog. It will be here that I will be talking about all things wellness. Wellness is all encompassing and includes anything that allows us to have a personal sense of wellbeing and life satisfaction. I find that wellness is often times found when a person is living life from a place of worthiness, meaning, and the pursuit of one’s values.

 Determining “wellness” is also completely up to the individual and will look different from person to person. My values and what makes me “well” is likely to be different from what may work for you. There is no right or wrong and I love this because it means we all have the freedom to make choices and seek out what is most meaningful to us.

On the other hand, this can sometimes get really messy as no one does this perfectly and sometimes our values can conflict. I know in my life, I definitely value rest and self care. I also definitely value staying connected with family and friends. Things can get a little hairy when lets say I’m exhausted but have a really important family function to attend.

Things can become further complicated by more serious life stressors. For example, the experience of a traumatic event, work/school stress, grief, loss of a job, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, or maybe the struggle with a sense of unworthiness and shame. (By the way we all do sometimes, I’m sure during multiple times throughout this blog I will bring up the work of Brene Brown because her work is absolutely life changing).

Regardless, I think we can all agree that sometimes it can be really hard to find balance and be well. My plan for this blog is to share with you personal tools and knowledge I have gained in my life journey as a person, previous client, and therapist. Again, there is no one size fits all, but lets have a little fun trying to figure it out together! For more information about what I do and the services I offer, please check out my about me page.

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