Family Therapy

We all come from families and there is no doubt the families we come from impact our development and who we are as people. The early stages of my career centered around working with families and I continue to be passionate about providing family therapy.

I encourage those I work with to define families for themselves which may include immediate family members, significant others, friends, and/or other extended relatives (even pets). I view change in terms of the family, the interactions between each family member, and the impact that family relationships can have on psychological health.

It may be time to seek family therapy if you are experiencing:
Conflict with family members
Have a loved one suffering from an eating disorder, anxiety, addiction, and/or depression
Stage of life changes
Parenting concerns
Blended family issues
A break-up
Grief and loss

No family or person is perfect and we all need help sometimes. My approach avoids shaming and blaming and I work with families to increase their ability to connect, communicate, and resolve conflict. Please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation or to schedule an appointment.